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Solving Delinquencies
for Community Associations

U.S. Total Household Debt has reached a historic high of $16.90 trillion... Feb. 16, 2023

Our Mission

Association Mutual Resolutions (AMR) specializes in finance solutions for community associations.

We manage the whole collection process so that associations can focus on running their communities. We fund collection costs and unpaid assessments. There is no cost to the association. Our mission is to assist associations in recovering delinquent accounts while alleviating their financial burden.


Our Service

At AMR, we manage the collection process, assuming all risks associated with delinquent accounts. We provide funding upfront on unpaid assessments, legal fees and collection costs while collecting on delinquent accounts. Our compensation comes directly from the recovery process in the form of late fees, accrued late interest and recovery of other collection costs from the unit owner. If we cannot collect the delinquent assessments, the association will keep our initial funding and will not pay any legal fees.

Unlike traditional approaches that often result in expensive legal bills, uncertain outcomes and the stress of managing the collection process, we offer a transparent and effective solution that benefits both the association and its members.

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Get started today. Fill out the form below for a free consultation and analysis of delinquent accounts in your association.

Our Approach

Foreclosure is always a last resort. At AMR, we value the members of your community and understand the financial hardships that can lead to delinquency. Our approach is grounded in empathy, respect, and compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).


We maintain clear and transparent communication, provide all necessary information, and strive to find a mutually beneficial solution. Our primary aim is to help homeowners fulfill their obligations and maintain the harmony of your community.

Here's how we work:


Notification to Delinquent Owner:

We notify the delinquent owner and establish a channel for communication.


Equity analysis:

We perform an equity analysis to evaluate any pre-existing mortgages, tax liens, IRS liens, and mechanics liens to better understand the financial situation.


Demand letter and payment plan:

We send a demand letter to the delinquent homeowner, offering a payment plan to bring their account current.


Property lien:

If necessary, we file a property lien to secure the association's interest and encourage payment.


Mortgage servicer contact:

If applicable, we also reach out to the homeowner's mortgage servicer to ensure they are aware of the delinquency.



As a last resort, if all other efforts fail, we initiate the foreclosure process in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Focus on What Matters:

Leave the burden of collections to our trusted professionals. With AMR by your side, you can focus on what your association does best – improving and maintaining your community. We'll handle the financial recovery process so you can dedicate your time and resources where they're needed most.

Contact us today to learn more about how AMR can assist your association in recovering delinquent accounts and easing your financial burden.


1. Will AMR cover our association's unpaid assessments and legal costs?

Absolutely! AMR steps in to relieve your association of these financial burdens. We advance funds to cover unpaid assessments and handle legal and collection costs as we work on recovering delinquent accounts. All of this is accomplished at zero expense to your association.

2. It seems too good to be true. Is this a loan? Are there hidden fees or backend charges?

No to all of the above. We believe in transparency and fair dealings. Your association's bylaws typically include provisions for late fees and accrued interest to cover collection costs. We leverage these bylaws to provide our service. With our specialized approach, we are confident in our ability to manage and recover delinquent accounts effectively.

3. How does AMR generate revenue?

Our compensation comes directly from the recovery process. Your association's bylaws generally allow for the recovery of collection costs, late fees, and delinquent interest. Once we successfully recover an account, we receive our fee, along with any late fees and accrued interest on the account of the delinquent owner. If we are unsuccessful in account recovery, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that.

4. What if AMR is unsuccessful in recovering an account?

Our model is based on success - we only get paid once an account has been recovered. In the rare event that an account is deemed uncollectible, we don't ask for reimbursement of our expenses or the assessments we've advanced to your association. Instead, we collaborate with your board to explore alternative solutions. With AMR, there are no hidden fees, surprise legal bills, or unanticipated costs. Our interests are perfectly aligned with yours - we succeed when we recover delinquent accounts.

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Get Started

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